Frequently asked questions

Pre-Cruise Questions

Will I receive a schedule/itinerary of my trip?

Yes, upon booking your cruise you will receive a confirmation email which will contain your schedule/itinerary.

Do you offer any recommendations for what to bring on my trip?

Yes, once you book a trip with us you will receive a confirmation email with a recommended packing list, your trip schedule/itinerary & other information.

What happens if my flight or transportation is delayed?

We recommend all guests have travel insurance in the event of any delays. Should you miss your cruise departure day we endevour to coordinate alternative methods to reach subsequent ports of call.

Is there a difference in adult fares and child fares?

No, our prices are the same for all seniors, adults, and children.

Do you offer any special services for birthdays, holidays, honeymoons, anniversarys or renewal of vows?

Yes we love to help make your special moments more memorable. Please inquire for details on our services with your specific requests.

Is there any chance my trip itinerary will change due to weather, etc?

Yes, all itineraries are subject to change.

What are your contact details?

You can contact us by Phone: +62 361 722 700 Email: or contact us directly on our website by using our live chat located on the bottom right of our website.

How do I add a special request?

Please send us an email at! We'd be happy to help you with any of your requests.

Should I bring any adapters or charging ports?

Each room will be equipped with universal adapters and extension cords for no extra cost. Please note to bring your own adapters if you have many devices that need to be charged.

Do you offer a babysitting service onboard?

Yes we offer a babysitting service for an extra fee. Please reserve in advanced.

Is there a currency exchange onboard?

Yes we offer a currency exchange for most currencys.

Are your cruises suitable for families?

Definitely! We welcome all ages and groups onboard.

Can I get married onboard?

Yes, for sure! For special occasions such as marrage ceremony's please inquire in advanced.

What about seasickness?

If you're prone to seasickness we recommend bringing seasickness tablets or patches. If you are unsure about getting seasick we recommend to bring some just in case. Please note we do not sell seasickness medication onboard.

Onboard Questions

Is alcohol included on my trip?

Alcoholic beverages are not included in your fare and must be purchased while onboard. Our alcohol policy states that no outside alcoholic beverages are to be brought onboard.

Prohibited items?

Drugs, weapons, illigel substances,pornography, and any other prohibited in Indonesia.

Do you offer any spa services onboard?

Currently we do not offer any spa services but we are working towards offering these services in the future.

Are all shore excursions included in my fare?

Shore excursions during your trip are all inclusive with no extra fees.

Are there any excursion age restrictions?

Some excursions have age limitations please inquire for further information.

Is there any way to keep in touch with family & friends while on my trip?

We offer a free wifi service to be used at any time during your cruise. No extra fees are required to use this service.

Do you offer laundry services?

We offer a free laundry service to all guests with no extra fees required.

What is the onboard currency?

We accept any currency, credit card, paypal, and other payment methods. (Credit cards & paypal are subject to a 3% fee)

What are the stateroom ammenities?

Some room ammenities include, - Working desk & lamp - Desk chair - Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sunscreen) - Private en-suite bathroom - 24 hour room service - Free laundry service - Free wifi Please visit our ' ROOMS' page for further information.

What onboard medical assistance do you offer?

The MV Voyager features a full clinic as per SOLAS maritime standard, however, there is no onboard doctor. Crew members are trained in medical first aid as per STCW requirements. We are experienced with medical evacuations and work with your insurance providers should the need arise.

Do you cater to dietary restrictions & requirements?

We offer vegetarian meals onboard with no need to request in advanced however, please contact us in advanced for any other dietary restrictions.

En route delays?

Please note our itineraries are bound by the regulations of the maritime authority of indonesia. Should unforseeable weather occur throughout your itinerary you will be notified immidietely however, no refunds or exchanges will be issued for weather or force majeure.

Do you offer shampoo, conditioner, body wash & sunscreen?

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash & sunscreen are all included in your trip & require no extra fees.

What are some items to be found in the onboard shop?

Island artifacts, Kararu merch, T-Shirts, sarongs, ocean clean-up recycled fishnet bags, wooden statues, collaborater's merch and many more cool items!

Is outside alcohol and beverages allowed?

No we do not allow outside alcohol and beverages. Non-alcoholic beverages are included in our fare however, alcohol can be purchased onboard.

How much are alcoholic beverages onboard?

We currently only offer beer which can be purchased for 39,000 IDR a bottle.

Post-Cruise Questions

What happens if I lose something during my trip?

Please contact us if you've left something behind and we will do our best to assist you.


What is your alcohol policy?

We do not allow any outside alcoholic beverages.

What is your smoking policy?

We encourage a smoke free environment however, there is a designated smoking area onboard.

What is your gratituity policy?

5% of your cruise fare will be charged at the time of booking to cover serivce charge/gratituity as per Indonesian service standard regulations. Should you wish to tip a crew member individually this is at your discretion.

How do I cancel my booking?

Please see our LEGAL page.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our LEGAL page.

Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes, for an alteration fee of $500 USD. Please visit our LEGAL page and contact us for further information.


What do I need to take a PADI course?

For new divers there is nothing needed to take a PADI Open Water Diver course. However, proof of previous certification level is needed for any other PADI courses. *Please see our SCUBA DIVING page for more info.

Should I bring my diving certifications?

Yes please bring your current diver certification for proof. *If you have forgotten your certifications we can check your details online if you are a PADI or SSI certified diver.

Do I get a dive guide?

Yes, all dive trips are inclusive of dive guides holding professional diving certifications. We never dive in groups of more than 6 guests. Before each dive there will be detailed dive briefings and site maps.

What happens if there is an accident on board?

Depending on the type of accident, the on board clinic is equiped to handle basic first aid. All crew members have first aid response training as per STCW International standards. For diving related accidents, we have 100% oxygen on the boat as well as emergency oxygen kits providing on demand Inhalator valves. We assist your insurance provider with emergency evacuation procedures utilizing our satelitte network system. You will always be in the best possible care.

Can I bring my own diving equipment?

Yes you may bring your own equipment or rent our equipment onboard.

Alcohol and diving?

We do not tolerate drinking and diving.

Do you have diving equipment onboard?

Yes, for extra fees our diving equipment is avaliable for rent. Please be sure to request equipment and sizes prior to your cruise so we have exactly what you require.

Where will I dive from?

Divers will be diving from the tenders which will transport you from the ship to the dive site. In some cases, diving may be done from our stern deck platform

How deep are the dives?

Generally dives are between 5-30m depth.

What are some common marine life to be seen?

Mola Mola (sunfish), White tipped sharks, Manta Rays, Nudibranchs, Clown Trigger Fish, Mandarin Fish, Turtles, and many more amazing marine life! Book your cruise now to experience Indonesia's unique waters.

How many dives can I do in 1 day?

Divers may do up to 5 dives per day when possible.

Do you offer night diving?

Yes when possible we offer night diving for no extra cost.

What happens if I see trash while diving?

We offer free recycled fish net bags to every diver to bring during their dive. If you see trash while diving we strongly encourage you to use our bags to clean up the plastic.

What scuba licence do I need?

Please bring your current diving certification for proof. If you have somehow forgotten your certification we can check your details online if you are a PADI or SSI certified diver. *If you are a new diver we offer an Open Water Diver PADI course onboard for extra fees.

What language do the divemasters speak?

Our divemasters speak both English and Indonesian.

What facilities are offered for my camera equipment?

Stations, camera, tables and universal charging, dive camera caddy serivice.

Do you seperate beginner divers from more advanced ones?

Yes, we seperate different diver levels and each level will get their own dive guide.

Is dive insurance included?

All scuba divers must come onboard with a certified dive insurance. DAN is preffered.

Can I book a private guide?

Yes you may book a private dive guide however, this service will cost extra. Please contact us in advanced if you are interested.

Ocean Plastic Removal Booms

How will the nets on your booms avoid catching fish?

Our nets are designed to minimize impact on marine life. The Plastic Ocean Removal Boom nets are installed to stay at the surface of the water where plastic usually floats. Our policy is to only let out the booms while we are out in vast open waters which usually means there is rarely any fish at the surface. If by any chance we catch something while cruising depending on the size we have different solutions. For bigger fish & mammals such as dolphins we have radars onboard which can sense marine life the size of dolphins, etc. In the case that we sense large marine life we will steer out of their path and continue cruising. For fish and any other small marine life we have a catch and cook concept which can be further read about on the ONBOARD ACTIVITIES page. However, if the fish are still alive upon checking the nets we will definitely release them back into the ocean.