Ocean Plastic Removal Boom System (OPRBS)

Come & experience our incredible invention,  the planet's first ocean plastic removal boom system.  Cruise with us and assist in tackling the ocean plastic crisis

Over the years, marine plastic pollution has caught the attention of the world.  What was once seen as a marginal, local and largely aesthetic issue, has now grown into one of the Earth's greatest challenges.  


Our throw away, linear economy must change.  Transformation and time for action is NOW.  


Everyone can do their part.  By taking a cruise on our vessel, you are actively contributing to collectively reduce ocean plastic trash now.  


Your cruise payments help keep us in operation to rid the seas of plastic waste throughout the trip, all while providing our valued customers with an incredible vacation at sea.


The Ocean Plastic Boom Removal System was conceptualize and fabricated by us.  Utilizing horizontal, retractable booms, rigging & nets the system catches ocean plastic as we steam.  Constructed in Bali, Indonesia, we can clean up to 5 tons of plastic waste from the sea per 7 night trip.  An enormous, positive impact.  


Once the plastic is collected in the nets, it is raised on board by our industrial cranes.  Next, our purpose built baler machine condenses the plastic which is tied together to make a compressed bale. 


The bales of plastic are stored neatly on board and once in port, the plastic waste is collected by our Bali based independent recycling team.  


The entire system is environmentally friendly, economically viable and will be distributed worldwide.


Join a cruise with us and assist in a giant, collective mission to clean up the seas.  It is time to step into a new, sustainable future for the betterment of all here on planet earth.  


What are you waiting for?  Come, transform our seas, one trip at a time.  

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