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Shore Excursions

Experience Indonesia like a true explorer with our tantalizing premium ship to shore itineraries.  

Shore Excursions



Get a glimpse of life under the waves. Crystal clear visibility, warm waters and rich diversity of underwater life.  Join our serene way to see marine life.  





Enjoy taking one of our sea kayaks out for a spin.  Possible dolphin encounters or just a pleasant trip around the Voyager, feel free to use the kayaks while the ship is at anchor.   



Free Diving


A growing sport practised for millennia, it's easy to understand free diving's appeal.  Keen to experience the deep ocean without the cumbersome steel tank?  This option is for you.   



Scuba Diving


Explore the best, most diverse scuba diving on the planet.  



Beachcombing, Beach Tours & Island Sports


The ancient art of exploring the beach, our tours are a great way to get to know the local beaches.   Take part in a beach volleyball game, frisbee or invent your own beach game tournament.  



Cultural tours & Dances


With at least 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, each with their own set of customs and distinctive cultural objects, get set to experience a country like no other.





Forget about the beach, go hiking!  Experience some of the most amazing hikes in the world.  Simply spectacular 



Beach Clean Ups 


The choice is ours.  Stop using plastic, clean up beaches where you see trash and let's get the planet back on track.  Join our endless beach clean-ups into a sustainable future.



Bird Watching  



Indonesia's remarkable chain of 17, 508 islands boasts over 1,600 bird species and nearly 400 Indonesian endemics, sign up for the day's hike to encounter the local bird life.  








Experience Indonesia like a true explorer with our tantalizing premium ship to shore itineraries all inclusive with the cruise fare 



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