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MV Voyager offers a platform to transform the planet with adolescent change makers welcomed to lead the way.  




Witness the world's first platform marrying Ecology & Economy, uniting youth & golden agers as well as everything in between.  


New ventures require fresh thinking & innovative ideas.  We need you to assist us in paving the way.


The pulse of the planet is in the youth's hands.  Students from all around the globe can join our efforts & become active in shaping the world into a more sustainable future.

MV Voyager and Pemco's ocean clean up quest platform help build visions & earth conscious citizens. Students on board create personal plans to reduce eco footprints and bring change to their own community's once returning home. 



Students collaborate in scientific research on ocean plastics and Marine biology to increase scientific knowledge.  Students contribute to data monitoring and collection programs and actively work in the on board  Marine Laboratory.   


Exceptional programmes provide young people with the opportunity to develop as individuals, excel as global citizens and forge lifelong friendships as they explore Indonesia. It is an unparalleled experience of a lifetime,



Pemco Group is education in action, whether at sea or exploring a port of call, learning is always hands on.  Courses in Marine Biology whist at sea and Anthropology on land, the host country, Indonesia holds an abundance of unforgettable experiences.  Shipboard activities are carefully designed to engage students and bring curriculum to life.  

Programs can be pre organized by Education Professionals or Collaborators can opt to bring their own program on board and use Pemco Group as a partner in 21st century education.

Students attend cultural events, visit scientific institutions, get hands on in the on board marine lab and explore unique and awe inspiring landscapes.  

The environment accelerates personal development, challenges youth to step outside their comfort zone and find rewards being close to the ocean.   

Students have the opportunity to take the helm, learn about crew life, take responsibility, have accountability to a team and access their innate good judgement skills.   



The ocean is a mysterious place. It covers 70 percent of the planet, yet only 5 percent of it has been explored.


It’s a magical place thanks to the phytoplankton that creates half of the air that we breathe. It’s also a secretive place, hiding one of  the deepest spot on Earth: the Java Trench, at 7459 M below the surface, is more than Mount Everest is tall.

From coastal beaches to deep hydrothermal vents, the ocean is a varied ecosystem that’s home to myriad forms of life, including the cute and friendly dolphin, and the ugly and grumpy star gazer.

If you’ve ever been curious about the ocean and what lies beneath, then you should discover it firsthand. Join the creatures of the deep and learn how to breathe underwater as a trained scuba diver.

When you’re a PADI certified scuba diver, the ocean is familiar and welcoming.

Open Water certification gives you the training to stay safe, and the confidence to explore an amazing new world.

Learn the theory of scuba diving in the comfort of MV Voyager's  classroom

 Learn how to use scuba equipment, including the compass for underwater navigation.

Complete your Open Water certification during your time on board (extra charges apply).

Now you are an Open Water, you can dive anywhere in the world.



Are YOU ready to become a Pemco Group Youth Enthusiast?  Welcome on board, we were expecting you.


Transforming our seas, ONE TRIP AT A TIME 

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